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Spitfire IFS Ultra4 by Off Road Armoury

Those who are familiar with the European Ultra4 championship know that name : Rob Butler. He is the owner of OffRoad Armoury, a competition vehicle builder. On top of his personal rig, Rob built Ultra4 buggies for people like Levi Shirley (USA), Filipe Guimarães (PT) ou Jorge Araujo (PT) (who just finished second in the King of France 2017) and (...)

2017 King Of the Hammers

For the second year in a row, the is going to California to cover the King of the Hammers, south east of Los Angeles, right next to the Joshua Tree park. This mythical race is most definitely the harshest, demanding on the cars and the drivers and also biggest one day race in the world. This magazine was the first (...)

Backdoor VisionX Shootout the big carnage at King Of the Hammers 2017

Like every year, early during the week leading to King of the Hammers, there is a show that no-one would willingly miss : The Vision X Shootout. How to explain this weird custom to someone who’s never been there ? First, let’s set up the place. The Johnson Valley, located in south California, right next to the Joshua tree National Park is (...)

Sinister kid

Jeep Sinister Kid Nicolas Stèvenin Saying that Sylvain is a real offroad enthusiast is an under-statement. In fact, he must have been fed with motor oil as a child, his first child book must have been a moped FSM, and his first holidays must have been spent wrenching in a garage. Lets study a bit the profile of our friend : at 7 (...)

Agrippa by Golden Coast Custom

Agrippa by Golden Coast Custom, a French bouncer King of Montalieu ? Created in 2011 by Fabrice Ravenet, Golden Coast Custom offers a whole range of services for the Off-road world, especially chassis and turn-key builds. He own a shop, but offers also a « in your garage » service. In this case, his Land Rover Discovery is his own « mobile (...)

WHERE THE TOUGH GETS GOING… (RFC Euro Selections 2013 in Italy)

WHERE THE TOUGH GETS GOING… (RFC Euro Selections 2013 in Italy) Back in the days of the Romans, the bulky bridge on the Isonzo river was a strategic link to the eastern territories (present day Slovenia). It was on this vital bridge that the Goths, Ostrogoths, Lombards, Avari, Huns & Turks crossed over to invade the empire. Many great (...)

HDJ 80 + HJ45 = a unique HDJ 45

HDJ 80 + HJ45 = a unique HDJ 45 Dream team car has an enviable reputation for its preparation of 4x4 with view to adventurous travels. Sébastien Pellé’s team has talent that has no bound, including its fun transformation on this Toyota HJ45, now turned into an HDJ 45, which you will not find in any car manufacturers’ catalogue. dream team car (...)

HDJ 100 Racing Hakken Raid

HDJ 100 Running Hakken Raid In 1995, ARACO gets involved in competition in class T1 as in T2 with hardly modified Land Cruiser of series. These cars of factory carry out several consecutive years of doubled victorious in group and are classified in particular on Dakar. In 1998, # 100 replaces the famous 80. Too heavy, too fragile, that’s what (...)

Maltec carbon- made 4x4 expedition cabin

Maltec carbon- made 4x4 expedition cabin Each year, the 4x4 world sees its arrival of fresh ideas, such as the carbon made expedition cabin. Long road trip travellers are more and more numerous in adding to their 4x4 a removable cabin, or fix a cabin to it, transforming it into a proper mini studio fitted with all sorts of equipment, which (...)

Hummer H1 Technoraid prepared for the Hummer Raid

A super production from Technnoraid workshop. At first glance it is recognisable by the trade mark color used, grey, most appreciated by this preparatory of 4x4. The Hummer H1 is not one of those parked on the “Champs Elysées” nor in front of night clubs. Cliquer ici pour la version française The H1 is not one to climb pavements but prefers (...)

KDJ 120 : raid preparation

Raid preparation on a KDJ 120 Cliquer ici pour la version française Everyone at 4x4 Autos Loisirs found in the south of France, at Roquebrune sur Argens has caught the off-road and 4X4 virus. If you ask for the mother, in the 4x4 Autos Loisirs family and you will meet Clody with 20 years of off-roading, a fan of raid and copilot. Ask for (...)

Bowler Wildcat Ultimate Technoraid

Near Nemours, in the Paris region, you can find a French workshop where 4x4’s are prepared for rally raids : Technoraid. After many years this workshop has made an art in its preparation, modification and optimising for their pet machine which are to be used in competition : the Wildcat 200. Even though Wildcat’s production was recently taken (...)

Sébastien Range Rover 3.9/ Raid Berlin Breslau 2007.

Cliquer ici pour la version française There are Christmases that one does not forget and for Sébastien Christmas 2006 was the case. The proverb “If you want something done, do it yourself” was true for Sébastien, who gave himself the exact present he wanted, a Range Rover 3.9l, prepared “extreme”, by the Off Road Attitude workshops. By the way, (...)

A drive in Land rover Series.

Due to the initiative of a member of “Le temps des Series”, many Old Land Rover enthusiasts got together for a week-end in the Valois region, Oise, France. . 109 SW diesel, serie3 1976 109 SW diesel, Serie 3 1976 Our host, nicknamed “Cataphile”, is a passionate of caves and quarries. Our bivouac was installed near an old quarry, which was (...)

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